June President’s Message

Hello members!
What a busy time of year. So much going on but we still had a good turnout for our May general meeting. Everyone enjoyed the delicious Taco Bar prepared by our own Kathy McBride and there was an ample supply of salads and desserts provided by our members. Thanks to everyone for a great meal!
We’d also like to extend our sincere thanks to Dr. Angel Fletcher. In spite of feeling a bit “under the weather” she came and presented a very informative and fun program on Horse First Aid on the Trail. As always, we all learned new and useful things from Dr. Fletcher. She also was kind enough to give away some pretty awesome wound spray. Thanks for everything Angel. We love having you speak at our meetings!
Our next meeting is June 8th. Don’t miss this one. Sandy Parker will be our guest speaker and will be showing us a video of her and her horse at liberty. This should be very exciting to watch.
Our meeting is just the tip of the June activities. We still have the OSA ride on the 16th . Contact Chere Bargar for that one. There is a Tack Sale at Thorson’s arena on the 23rd and rounding up the month is our own Clinton Anderson Clinic at Blomquist arena on June 29th – July 1st. There is still room for 2 participants or you can come to audit. Contact Kathy McBride for this event.
Immediately after all the June activities is the Morgan Hill 4th of July parade! We’ve had a few people step up offering to help organize this event – Amy Alford, Allene Liebenberg and Avi Gardner. Thank you ladies for helping your club! If you want to ride in the parade or simply help with the decorating please contact one of these ladies or call me! We need to be represented in this hometown parade.
Last but by far, not least, is our big 50th Anniversary Event on August 4th at Harvey Bear Ranch. Let’s have a huge turnout for this fun event. Come and meet some of our past presidents, listen to stories about “the way it was” and have fun building friendships with your fellow club members at the BBQ. All of this plus you get to ride your horse. Don’t miss this exciting party! Contact any board member to help out with the event. Remember, many hands make light work!
The weather is great, the days are getting longer . . .let’s make ourselves and our horses happy and get out on the many trails our area affords us!
Happy Riding, Bev
“The more you use the reins, the less they use their brains”
Pat Parelli

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