July President’s Message

Well it’s officially summer!  If you missed it on the calendar, the weather is certainly letting us know!  Don’t let the heat discourage you from riding, just ride later in the day!

I’d like to extend a big club thank you to Sandi Parker for her presentation at our June meeting.  She was very well received.  Sandi has also agreed to do a discounted clinic for our SMHA club members so please let me know if you are interested so I can arrange a day and time with Sandi.

The Morgan Hill 4th of July parade is right around the corner as of this writing.  Allene is busy pulling the float together.  We have some mini donkeys and some riders on full size horses but need more riders and people to ride on the float!  Please reach out to Allene so we can have a proud representation of our club in this huge hometown parade.

Jack Brook campout is also just around the corner, August 16-20.  Please contact me to secure your reservation soon!  The invitation has been extended to other clubs and you don’t want to miss out.  This campout is always good riding and good fun!

Our July meeting on the 13th will be a potluck and feature some of our members who attended the Clinton Anderson clinic at the end of June.  They will give us a rundown of their experiences.  Come and find out what they learned.  You may find you’ll be interested in signing up for the next clinic!

Our 50th anniversary event is scheduled for August 4th at Audra Soltis’ Ranch in Hollister.  Mark the date on your calendars!  Everyone should attend this members only event and learn more about your club while having a great time!  More details to follow.

I’ll leave you with two 4th of July quotes .. . one funny, one sincere.

Why are there no knock-knock jokes about America?  – because freedom rings!

-We don’t know them all but we owe them all –  Author Unknown



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June President’s Message

Hello members!
What a busy time of year. So much going on but we still had a good turnout for our May general meeting. Everyone enjoyed the delicious Taco Bar prepared by our own Kathy McBride and there was an ample supply of salads and desserts provided by our members. Thanks to everyone for a great meal!
We’d also like to extend our sincere thanks to Dr. Angel Fletcher. In spite of feeling a bit “under the weather” she came and presented a very informative and fun program on Horse First Aid on the Trail. As always, we all learned new and useful things from Dr. Fletcher. She also was kind enough to give away some pretty awesome wound spray. Thanks for everything Angel. We love having you speak at our meetings!
Our next meeting is June 8th. Don’t miss this one. Sandy Parker will be our guest speaker and will be showing us a video of her and her horse at liberty. This should be very exciting to watch.
Our meeting is just the tip of the June activities. We still have the OSA ride on the 16th . Contact Chere Bargar for that one. There is a Tack Sale at Thorson’s arena on the 23rd and rounding up the month is our own Clinton Anderson Clinic at Blomquist arena on June 29th – July 1st. There is still room for 2 participants or you can come to audit. Contact Kathy McBride for this event.
Immediately after all the June activities is the Morgan Hill 4th of July parade! We’ve had a few people step up offering to help organize this event – Amy Alford, Allene Liebenberg and Avi Gardner. Thank you ladies for helping your club! If you want to ride in the parade or simply help with the decorating please contact one of these ladies or call me! We need to be represented in this hometown parade.
Last but by far, not least, is our big 50th Anniversary Event on August 4th at Harvey Bear Ranch. Let’s have a huge turnout for this fun event. Come and meet some of our past presidents, listen to stories about “the way it was” and have fun building friendships with your fellow club members at the BBQ. All of this plus you get to ride your horse. Don’t miss this exciting party! Contact any board member to help out with the event. Remember, many hands make light work!
The weather is great, the days are getting longer . . .let’s make ourselves and our horses happy and get out on the many trails our area affords us!
Happy Riding, Bev
“The more you use the reins, the less they use their brains”
Pat Parelli

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May President’s Message

Hello members!

We had over 20 people attend our April general meeting.  Those that were brave enough to venture out on Friday the 13th were rewarded with good food and an interesting presentation  by Lori Oleson on the T-Touch Method. I’d like to extend a huge thank you to Lori for taking the time to speak to our club!

Our Ranch Playday is likely a day away as you read this newsletter.  The event is May 5th at Blomquist Arena.  Registration starts at 9:00am, practice 10:00am to 12:00 noon and competition begins at 1:00.  Hot dog lunch will be available for purchase while you contemplate how you’re going to maneuver the obstacles for a win!  Don’t miss it!  Lots of fun for you and your horse and prizes for the winners!  Come out and support your club.

If you’re ready to camp with your horse, there is a non-SMHA event right around the corner.  Coit Campout at Coe Park on Memorial Day weekend, May 25 – 28.  If you don’t like to cook, this event is for you. For a small fee your meals will be catered for you. What a deal!  Leaves a lot more time to ride!  Contact Chere Bargar for more information.

Our next general meeting is Friday May 11th.  We will feature our popular “Taco Bar” for a nominal fee.  We will also have Dr Angel Fletcher speaking on First Aid for the Trail.  Come enjoy the great food and show our guest speakers that we appreciate the time and effort it takes to speak to our club.  A good turnout always lets the speaker know we were interested in what they had to say.

Keep up the enthusiasm!  Our club continues to grow.  We’ve most recently added five new members to our roster!  Make sure to introduce yourselves to our newest members and make them feel welcome.

–  I would travel only by horse, if I had the choice – Linda McCartney –

Happy Riding,


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April President’s Message

Hello members!

No fooling, it’s April already!  Where is the year going?  We had a great turnout for our March meeting and I think everyone enjoyed our St. Patty’s corned beef dinner as well as playing “HORSE” bingo.  Lots of winners, lots of fun!

I do need to share some sad news.  On Saturday, March 24th,  we lost a longtime member and friend, Steve Knepper.  I’m sure we all know him for his commitment to the club and his awesome baked beans he prepared for a lot of our events.  Steve was also heavily involved in Coe Park and was always there to lend a helping hand.  He and his dad used to work cattle at Coe before it was s state park . He was also instrumental in creating what is now known as the Springs Committee at Coe  He loved animals, especially his dog which has now found a home with Kitty Swindle since Steve’s dog is the mother to Kitty’s dog, Snickers. Steve will be greatly missed by all his friends at SMHA.

On a happier note, we have an upcoming ride at Coe on Saturday, April 14th.  It’s the annual Wildflower ride. Although this is not a SMHA event, it is always fun.  How many flowers can you name?  Be at Hunting Hollow entrance ready to ride at 10:00am.

Our next club event is our Playday at Blomquist arena on  Saturday, May 5th.  Spread the word!  Let’s get a big turnout for this event which is always a lot of fun as well as educational for you and your horse.

Next general meeting is April 13th.  The club will be providing pizza for a nominal fee of $5.  Please rsvp to Kathy McBride. Our guest speaker will be Lori Oleson.  She will educate us on the Linda Tellington Jones T-Touch.  Don’t miss it!

“ A horse doesn’t care how much you know until he knows how much you care. Put your hand on your horse and your heart in your hand” – Pat Parelli

Happy Trails, Bev

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2018 March President’s Message

Hello members!

I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house at our February meeting after watching the very inspirational story of Harry and Snowman.  It really showed what an exceptional bond we can form with our horses.  We had a great turnout and I think everyone enjoyed the movie.

The surprise I mentioned in last month’s Eventer was announced.  SMHA has secured Jack Brook campgrounds for August 16 – 20.  Everyone was very disappointed when we previously had to cancel this campout.  The club had a couple of successful events putting us in a better financial position so we were able to book the campground Thursday through Monday.  Hope to see you all there to enjoy the beautiful trails, facility and camaraderie of other club members.

March’s general meeting should be lots of fun. The club will be providing corned beef and cabbage with all the trimmings for a small fee.  We’re also going to play a few games of “horse” bingo.  Cards will be $.50 each or 3 for $1.00. Prizes will be fun “white elephant” gifts supplied by your board members.  See you on the 9th for this meeting,

The weather has been spring-like on and off making for beautiful trail rides.  The days are getting longer and longer providing more time for riding. Due to delays in the opening, we were unable to have our March ride at Rancho San Vincente but the SCCHA is having their “Dirty Horse Ride” on the 17th at Calero.  Pull those horses out of the pastures, leave ‘em dirty and win a prize if your horse is the dirtiest.  Since our ride was unable to take place, let’s support our fellow horse club at their Calero ride.  I’m sure they will reciprocate on future events!

We are off to a busy start and this year has a lot of fun events still in the wings.  Keep coming to the meetings and checking your Eventer for all the upcoming fun!

-No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle – Winston Churchill

Happy Trails, Bev

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2018 February Presidents Message

Hello members!
We started off the year with a lot of fun.  We had good  member attendance at our January general meeting along with five guests!  Our annual soup contest yielded a big win for Gene McBride with his Butternut Squash soup.  Ron Lowery came in a close second with his famous chili.  I’m sure Ron will be back to try to reclaim his title  as SMHA#1 Cook next year!

It seems like spring is in the air which is awesome for January!  I am getting excited for a new year of riding and fun.  We have outlined our 2018 schedule and it is posted in this month’s eventer.  Obviously, things can change but we hope to succeed in fulfilling these events.  I will speak briefly about the first couple of events at our February general meeting.  I will also have a little announcement so make sure you’re there!

This months meeting will be our movie night.  We will be providing popcorn and candy for a nominal fee.  The movie will be “Harry and the  Snowman”.  If you haven’t seen this one it is well worth it!  It is a heartwarming horse story of  hope and possibility.

As you know, this is our 50th anniversary of SMHA!  The club was established in 1968.  We are starting to plan a campout to celebrate the occasion.  We hope to have the event on July 28.  We are still determining the location so stay tuned for more information and keep the date open!

I’m looking forward to a fun and successful year for our club.  We are off to a fine start so let’s keep up the good work!  Spread the word about our great little club so others can join in the fun!

“Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring” . . . Lilly Pulitzer

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SMHA President Bev’s New Year Message 2018!

Hello SMHA members,

Well, I’d like to start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year!!! I
hope everyone had a fabulous holiday and got a lot of riding in too!
I’d like to thank you all for having the confidence in me to once
again represent SMHA as your club President along with your
outstanding board members. We had a very successful 2017 with
both our events and bringing in several new members.
2018 Goals:
1) At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I would like to
say that one of my goals this year is to continue to push for new
members! We all know that the way to do this is for each of us to
bring in just one new member this coming year. I know you can do
2) I would like to continue the enthusiasm around events and
getting new members more involved in the planning and execution
of those events.
3) The club needs to keep our finger on the pulse of what’s
happening in our area to be able to keep existing trails open and do
what we can to help promote new areas to ride. We need to keep
our horse community “horse friendly” for years to come.
4) Last but not least, we all need to have fun! Get out there
and ride more!!
As you know, our January meeting is our annual Soup/Chili Contest.
Bring your best recipe on Jan 12th and try to take the coveted
trophy from Ron Lowery. I would love to see everyone at our
meeting and better yet, bring a friend! The board meets the week
following our general meeting to set the 2018 calendar. If you have
an idea for an event, let us know at the January meeting so we can
get it planned!
** Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. **
– William James

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December 2017 SMHA President Bev’s Message


Wow! If you ever needed to know anything about shoeing your horse, you needed to be at our November meeting.  Dale Orr gave a presentation that contained a wealth of information on the subject complete with examples of almost every kind of shoe you could imagine!  It was interesting to see and touch (Jeannie McDevitt) all the different shoes and pads.  Thank you Dale for a very educational and fun presentation!

We also enjoyed a very delicious meal of sausage, peppers, beans and salad thanks to Kathy McBride.  Thanks so much Kathy for your expert culinary skills!  The meal was enjoyed by all.

And now, believe it or not, we are only a couple weeks away from our year end Christmas party.  Where did the year go!  We will enjoy music, the silent auction, and the year end prize give away along with turkey and tri tip provided by the club.  Check this Eventer to see what food item you’ll be adding to the holiday feast.  You don’t want to miss this mouth watering meal and fun social experience with your fellow horsemen!  Remember, you need to be present to win the year- end prizes.  Also, don’t forget to bring your canned and dry goods for our food drive so the less fortunate can enjoy the holidays too!  December 8th, make sure you’re there!

After the holidays, pull out your favorite recipes and get ready for our annual Soup & Chili CookOff.  Our January meeting will feature your most tasty creations.  Hopefully, your soup will tally the most member votes which will earn you the title of “#1 SMHA Cook”.  The successful chef will take home the coveted “Best Cook” trophy and bragging rights for the next year.  You may need to pry Ron Lowery’s fingers from around the trophy as he has held the #1 Cook position for two years running!  Who will challenge him this year?  This event has always proved to be fun and we will all be winners because we get to indulge in all the fantastic soups!

One last note of interest.  Elections were held at the November meeting. There were no new nominees so, once again, we had a white board election and all the current board members were re-instated as your officers and directors for 2018. We will do our best to keep the club fun, interesting and growing!  Thank you for your confidence in us!

In closing, I will leave you with some food for thought for the upcoming year . . . .

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book,  write a good one”  –  Brad Paisley

Always go the extra mile, it’s never crowded!


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November President’s Message

As I sit here writing this message, I am still glowing in the successful aftermath of our Galloping Goblin Poker Ride. This was our first poker ride without tri tip so we were a bit concerned how it would go but I am elated to report all good news!  We had 25 riders and some extremely creative costumes. Everyone enjoyed our Halloween trail trivia signs along all 3 routes and the “creepy creatures” were enjoyed by all.  I hear quite a few horses were brave enough to “kiss” the skull therefore earning a bonus card for their poker hand. Congratulations to all for a very fun-filled, enjoyable day with our friends and horses alike!

Its come to our attention that Stewart Ranch at Pt. Reyes on the Marin coast is in danger of being permanently closed.  Apparently, the NPS Commercial Services in Colorado has decided that the ranch doesn’t generate enough money to justify improvements or maintenance.  They want to close it.  We can’t let this happen! This is a fabulous place to camp with your horse.  If you haven’t been there you should definitely visit them. Awesome trails! All correspondence stressing the importance of keeping this ranch open to horsemen should be directed to the Director at the NPS (National Park Service) in Washington, D.C. The address is included in this Eventer (page 10). Please spread the word through the horse community.  Let’s bombard the director with our letters and keep this ranch available to us!

The year is quickly coming to a close.  I can’t believe its November already. We will conduct our club elections at our November 10 general meeting. Have your nominations ready and let’s give new people and their ideas a chance to serve on the board.  If you’d like to vie for an office, speak up and get on the ballot. Remember, shape tomorrow by voting today.

Also speaking at our November meeting is Dale Orr, a local farrier. He will be available to answer your “ask a farrier” questions.  We will be serving sausage sandwiches with all the trimmings for a nominal $5 fee. An important note . . . . the proceeds from our October movie and popcorn night totaled $127.  The club matched that amount bringing the total to $254.  We decided to round up and sent a check for $275 to the Woodside Community Foundation as a donation to help support and aid the fire victims.  It is our understanding that the Woodside group will match any donations up to $5000 so our popcorn and candy dollars turned into $550 to help those affected by the fires. Be proud of what your club has done.  Great job everyone!!

In the spirit of the fall season and November, I’ll leave you with these words of wisdom:

“If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness.  It will change your life mightily.” – Gerald Good

See you all at the general meeting in November!! – Bev

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October President’s Message

Hello members.

I would like to start by extending a big thank you to Dr. Angel Fletcher. She was kind enough to conduct an “ask a vet” group discussion at our September meeting.  I think all will agree it was very informative!  I came away from that meeting with two very helpful bits of info that I’ve already put into place.  I’m sure that everyone who attended had a similar experience.  Good stuff Dr. Fletcher!!  Thank you again.

Another big thank you is going out to Jim and Patti Bloomquist for the use of their facility for our September 16th Playday.  Jim always goes the extra mile and grooms the arena, fills holes and hooks up the PA system for us and we greatly appreciate his extra effort!  The weather also cooperated and we had a successful and fun day.  We were excited to have two riders come from Danville to participate.  I think the horses enjoyed kissing the frog, going through the “car wash” and a few other surprises we had set up for them.  All in all, a fun and educational experience for everyone.  We hope Autumn Young is enjoying the chocolate in her giant Hershey kiss she won in the 12 & under category. Save some room for your Halloween candy Autumn!

Speaking of Halloween, mark your calendars for our Galloping Goblin Poker ride on October 28th.  I’m so excited about the fun plans we have up our sleeve for this event.  Due to the strict regulations and fees imposed by the County Health Department, SMHA regretfully will not be able to provide our traditional tri tip lunch.  Participants are being asked to bring a lunch and we will all gather after the ride for a picnic, fun and prizes. There will be prizes awarded for our costume contest too. Shake the cobwebs off those costumes and vie for a prize!  We will also offer three routes this year: a short, medium and a special long ride which includes the Ed Wilson trail!  Whichever route you choose, expect some surprises along the way. Don’t miss this fun filled day. Bring a friend and support your club!

Our October general meeting will, appropriately, be held on Friday the 13th. We will be showing a Clinton Anderson video on training your horse and building a better relationship with your equine friend.  We will have popcorn and drinks available for a small fee to enjoy while you watch the movie.  A reminder that our club elections will take place at our November meeting.  Please bring your nominations for these positions to the October meeting. Consider running for any of the club positions and become a part of the core group, bring in fresh ideas and help keep our club active, current and interesting for everyone!

In keeping with the October theme, I’ll leave you with these few words:

Everything is better with a little magic!  Witching you a Happy Halloween!


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