Happy February

The February Newsletter is now available.

It contains our provisional calendar of events for the year.

Jack Brook Horse Camp has been booked for August 15th-19th

This month’s general meeting on Friday 2/8 at 7pm is movie night, we will be showing “Dreamer” an uplifting story of a thoroughbred that gets a second chance.

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Happy New Year , it’s 2019

Our January Newsletter is now available.

And check out the Stevie Knepper Chilli & Soup Taste Off at our January 1th general meeting.

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December President’s Message

Hello members!

Well, the year is coming to an end and what a year it was!  I think we can  confidently celebrate a successful year for our club.  We started the year with our annual soup contest, continued with multiple guest speakers on various topics, movie nights, taco bars, enjoyed two playdays, a Clinton Anderson Clinic,  a week of camping at Jack Brook and our ever popular Galloping Goblin poker ride.   We will finish the year with our Holiday dinner and silent auction on December 14th.  Don’t miss it!  It may be your name drawn out of the hat to win one of our fabulous year end prizes and you must be present to win!

I would also like to take this time, at years end,  to thank you for supporting  me and allowing me to serve as your club president for the past 7 years.  Although challenging at times, it was overall very rewarding to initiate changes that helped grow the club and contribute to its success.   We came from a handful of members meeting every other month to monthly meetings with an average of 20+ members each meeting.  We were part of history by participating in the Grand Entry of the first Gilroy Rodeo in 61 years.  We also represented our club by riding in the revived Bonanza Day parade and took Best Overall Equestrian group and/or first place in the Morgan Hill 4th of July parade every year for the last 6 years running.  We also celebrated a milestone for the club this year when we enjoyed our 50th Anniversary as a club!

Finally, I’d like to thank all my board members, many who have held these positions for multiple years.  These people worked tirelessly and unselfishly to help make your club the success that it is!  None of the many events mentioned in this message would have been possible without all the effort put forth by this hard working board.  All the planning, set up and behind the scenes legwork, sign making, float building, etc, etc, etc – all done with the help and drive of these dedicated people.

It was a difficult decision to step down as president but one I felt necessary to help further the clubs growth and success,  both which require new ideas and enthusiasm.  I sincerely hope the SMHA continues to grow and thrive under the leadership of your new president, whoever that may be.

So I won’t say goodbye, just so long, it’s been a good ride!  See you all at the Holiday party on the 14th!!

– Everyday is a new beginning.  Stay away from what might have been and look what can be –  Anonymous

Happy Trails, Bev


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November President’s Message

Hello members!
I’d like to thank Mary Anderson, Jayne Perryman, Fire Captain Gene Parks
and the Cal Fire team for their informative presentations on fire prevention
and planning. I think everyone in attendance at the meeting took away
helpful information to use.
We just had our Galloping Goblin poker ride this last weekend. What a
great turnout we had!! We had over 30 riders and numerous riders dressed
in costume. The weather also cooperated with a pleasant 70+ degrees and
a nice breeze. Some folks participated for the first time and expressed how
much fun they had! A big thanks to all the members who helped with the
tasks needed to pull this event together. It definitely takes a village!! Great
job everyone.
Our next general meeting is November 9th. This is a very important
meeting that shouldn’t be missed. We will be taking final nominations for
several board positions that will be open for 2019. We need to fill four
major positions: President, Vice President, Membership and Treasurer.
The existing board members holding these positions will be stepping down
and not running for 2019. Some of these offices have been held by these
board members for several years. It is time for other members to step
forward and take a leadership role in the club. The outgoing board
members will be available to help the new officers so please don’t be
nervous about taking one of these roles. NOTE: If these positions are not
filled, the possibility of the club disbanding is very likely. You need to have
officers to keep a club viable and active. Please come to the November
meeting with ideas to help resolve this issue.
Our last meeting of the year will be our annual Christmas meeting on
December 14th. We are planning our usual Christmas potluck and silent
auction along with some new activities currently in the works. We will also
have our year end prize drawing and you must be present to win. Don’t
want to miss out on some really nice prizes this year so make sure to mark
your calendars to save this date!
I will leave you with two relevant quotes for this month:
“There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or
accept the responsibility for changing them” – Denis Waitley
Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try – Anonymous
Keep Riding!

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October President’s Message

Hello members!

How fast this year is passing by!  September has come and gone. I can’t believe we are already in October!  We had a fabulously successful playday on Sept 15th. A big thanks goes to Karen Topping and her students.  The girls were able to campout at Blomquist Friday night to get initiated to camping with their horses.  The next day, they all competed on the course with their trusty mounts and a good time was had by all!  Jim Blomquist enjoyed announcing for both the kids competition and our SMHA competition that immediately followed. Thank you Jim!

October brings with it shorter days, cooler weather and the annual Grand National Rodeo!  Check online and get your tickets for this exciting event which will be held October 12-13 and 19-20 this year.

We are also looking for nominees for open SMHA offices in October.  We will need to fill the positions of: President, Vice President, Membership and a Sunshine Chair.  Please consider taking on one of these roles or nominating a capable friend for one of the positions.  It is crucial to the club’s longevity that these positions be filled.  People currently in these positions will be happy to discuss the duties with you.  We will start taking nominations at the October 12 general meeting and through the November 9 meeting when the actual elections will take place.

Another October event is our annual Halloween poker ride. Get out those costumes and dust them off!  This is always a fun event and a good ride.  It’s enjoyed by both horse and rider!  Check the enclosed flyer for details.  See you all there on Oct 27th at Bear Ranch!

Our October general meeting is 10/12.  We will have guest speakers from LAE and Cal Fire.  They will give a presentation on how to prepare your property for fire prevention as well as helping you to develop an emergency plan.  Don’t miss this important meeting!  SMHA will provide snacks.  Please feel free to bring something to share.  See you all there!

“Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success” –  Unknown


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September President’s Message

Hello members!

Wow! August certainly was a busy month for SMHA.  We celebrated our 50th Anniversary on 8/4 with a terrific BBQ hosted by our own Audra Soltis at her ranch in Hollister.  The wind gave us a bit of a challenge but we overcame it and had a great time visiting with past presidents, new and seasoned members, playing horseshoes and enjoying a great meal!

Next we strutted our stuff at the Gilroy Rodeo!  Sterling Trubman and Andrea Calwell proudly carried our SMHA flags in the Grand Entry on Saturday.  Steve Oliveria joined Sterling on Sunday to represent us in the Grand Entry.  This was the first Gilroy rodeo in over 61 years and I am proud that SMHA got to be a part of it.

On August 16th through the 20th we converged on the campground at Jack Brook.  What a fantastic trip it was! The weather was perfect, good company, awesome trail riding and fun around the campfire at night. Such a fun, relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable trip that no one wanted to come home!

September is shaping up to be just as fun.  Our general meeting will be held on Friday Sept 14th.  For those of you that missed the anniversary party, we will be showing the DVD of club pictures for your enjoyment and Carolyn Tucker will bring the club history books for you to peruse.  Pizza is the order of the day for a nominal fee.  Please rsvp to Kathy McBride so we can get an accurate headcount for ordering the pizza.

The day following the meeting, we will be hosting our September 15th Playday at Blomquist arena. You don’t want to miss this one!  We have changed things up a bit and added some new and challenging obstacles. Please come out and support your club and join the fun at this event!

Also, please start thinking about board positions you would want to hold and nominees for club officers.  We will take nominations through our October meeting and elections will take place at the November general meeting.  This is very important.  We need to get new people at the helm and on the board to keep our club active, interesting and growing!  Also at the October meeting, we will have guest speakers from LAE and Cal Fire to discuss what you can do for fire prevention and emergency evacuations.  Don’t miss it.

  • No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow your progress, you’re still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.
  • Tony Rumins –

See you on the trails!


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August President’s Message

Hello members!

We had a good turnout at our July meeting.  We all enjoyed our chicken dinner while Leslie, Kathy and myself excitedly shared our experience at the recent Clinton Anderson 3 day clinic with Jeff Davis.  Kathy showed some clinic pictures on her computer to accompany our stories.  I think everyone got caught up in our enthusiasm while maybe learning a few new things to try with their horses!  I also announced the results of the Morgan Hill 4th of July parade.  I think we did pretty well . . . first place pooper scooper, first place Adult Riding Group and Best Overall Equestrian Group!! Whoo Hoo!!!  Thanks go out to all who participated with special thanks to Allene Liebenburg and Steve Oliveria for their help. You all represented your club well and should be proud!!

By the time this Eventer reaches you, we should be right on top of our 50th Anniversary BBQ event.  I hope you all RSVP’d by the August 2nd deadline and we’ll see you there.  We’re planning some fun activities: horseshoes, trivia and showing some photos, both old and new, on the big screen for all to enjoy.  Come and mingle with your fellow members, past and present, and let’s celebrate our 50 years as a family oriented horse club!

Gilroy is bringing back their rodeo after 61 years of absence. It’s slated to be a fun, family event.  SMHA will be represented both days in the Grand Entry by having riders carry our flags.  Please come out and support your club and enjoy the rodeo.

August is turning out to be a busy month for us.  Jack Brook campout is upon us August 16-20.  Based on the outpour of enthusiasm to book the campground this year, and not let our reservations lapse, I was expecting a much larger number of campers.   I’m taken aback by the low number of signups that we’ve had.  I’m hoping that those of you that were so interested in securing the camp will be sending in your reservations soon!   Jack Brook really is the epitome of horse camping and an awesome place to ride!  Get your applications in today!

There is no general meeting in August so we will see you all at our September 14th meeting.  I believe pizza is the order of the day for a nominal fee.  Check next months Eventer for more details.  In the meantime, let’s all get out there and bond with our horses and enjoy our many riding trails!!

– Embrace dirty boots and smelling like your horse –  Annonymus


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July President’s Message

Well it’s officially summer!  If you missed it on the calendar, the weather is certainly letting us know!  Don’t let the heat discourage you from riding, just ride later in the day!

I’d like to extend a big club thank you to Sandi Parker for her presentation at our June meeting.  She was very well received.  Sandi has also agreed to do a discounted clinic for our SMHA club members so please let me know if you are interested so I can arrange a day and time with Sandi.

The Morgan Hill 4th of July parade is right around the corner as of this writing.  Allene is busy pulling the float together.  We have some mini donkeys and some riders on full size horses but need more riders and people to ride on the float!  Please reach out to Allene so we can have a proud representation of our club in this huge hometown parade.

Jack Brook campout is also just around the corner, August 16-20.  Please contact me to secure your reservation soon!  The invitation has been extended to other clubs and you don’t want to miss out.  This campout is always good riding and good fun!

Our July meeting on the 13th will be a potluck and feature some of our members who attended the Clinton Anderson clinic at the end of June.  They will give us a rundown of their experiences.  Come and find out what they learned.  You may find you’ll be interested in signing up for the next clinic!

Our 50th anniversary event is scheduled for August 4th at Audra Soltis’ Ranch in Hollister.  Mark the date on your calendars!  Everyone should attend this members only event and learn more about your club while having a great time!  More details to follow.

I’ll leave you with two 4th of July quotes .. . one funny, one sincere.

Why are there no knock-knock jokes about America?  – because freedom rings!

-We don’t know them all but we owe them all –  Author Unknown



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June President’s Message

Hello members!
What a busy time of year. So much going on but we still had a good turnout for our May general meeting. Everyone enjoyed the delicious Taco Bar prepared by our own Kathy McBride and there was an ample supply of salads and desserts provided by our members. Thanks to everyone for a great meal!
We’d also like to extend our sincere thanks to Dr. Angel Fletcher. In spite of feeling a bit “under the weather” she came and presented a very informative and fun program on Horse First Aid on the Trail. As always, we all learned new and useful things from Dr. Fletcher. She also was kind enough to give away some pretty awesome wound spray. Thanks for everything Angel. We love having you speak at our meetings!
Our next meeting is June 8th. Don’t miss this one. Sandy Parker will be our guest speaker and will be showing us a video of her and her horse at liberty. This should be very exciting to watch.
Our meeting is just the tip of the June activities. We still have the OSA ride on the 16th . Contact Chere Bargar for that one. There is a Tack Sale at Thorson’s arena on the 23rd and rounding up the month is our own Clinton Anderson Clinic at Blomquist arena on June 29th – July 1st. There is still room for 2 participants or you can come to audit. Contact Kathy McBride for this event.
Immediately after all the June activities is the Morgan Hill 4th of July parade! We’ve had a few people step up offering to help organize this event – Amy Alford, Allene Liebenberg and Avi Gardner. Thank you ladies for helping your club! If you want to ride in the parade or simply help with the decorating please contact one of these ladies or call me! We need to be represented in this hometown parade.
Last but by far, not least, is our big 50th Anniversary Event on August 4th at Harvey Bear Ranch. Let’s have a huge turnout for this fun event. Come and meet some of our past presidents, listen to stories about “the way it was” and have fun building friendships with your fellow club members at the BBQ. All of this plus you get to ride your horse. Don’t miss this exciting party! Contact any board member to help out with the event. Remember, many hands make light work!
The weather is great, the days are getting longer . . .let’s make ourselves and our horses happy and get out on the many trails our area affords us!
Happy Riding, Bev
“The more you use the reins, the less they use their brains”
Pat Parelli

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May President’s Message

Hello members!

We had over 20 people attend our April general meeting.  Those that were brave enough to venture out on Friday the 13th were rewarded with good food and an interesting presentation  by Lori Oleson on the T-Touch Method. I’d like to extend a huge thank you to Lori for taking the time to speak to our club!

Our Ranch Playday is likely a day away as you read this newsletter.  The event is May 5th at Blomquist Arena.  Registration starts at 9:00am, practice 10:00am to 12:00 noon and competition begins at 1:00.  Hot dog lunch will be available for purchase while you contemplate how you’re going to maneuver the obstacles for a win!  Don’t miss it!  Lots of fun for you and your horse and prizes for the winners!  Come out and support your club.

If you’re ready to camp with your horse, there is a non-SMHA event right around the corner.  Coit Campout at Coe Park on Memorial Day weekend, May 25 – 28.  If you don’t like to cook, this event is for you. For a small fee your meals will be catered for you. What a deal!  Leaves a lot more time to ride!  Contact Chere Bargar for more information.

Our next general meeting is Friday May 11th.  We will feature our popular “Taco Bar” for a nominal fee.  We will also have Dr Angel Fletcher speaking on First Aid for the Trail.  Come enjoy the great food and show our guest speakers that we appreciate the time and effort it takes to speak to our club.  A good turnout always lets the speaker know we were interested in what they had to say.

Keep up the enthusiasm!  Our club continues to grow.  We’ve most recently added five new members to our roster!  Make sure to introduce yourselves to our newest members and make them feel welcome.

–  I would travel only by horse, if I had the choice – Linda McCartney –

Happy Riding,


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