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Why join?

Do you like horses? Do you and your horse need some new things to do and places to go? Do you like getting to know other people who like horses, too? Then perhaps you should check out San Martin Horsemen’s Association.  SMHA has been serving the community and horsemen for over 30 years. You have probably seen them in the 4th of July Parade in Morgan Hill, or perhaps at the Grand Nationals at the Cow Palace. Maybe you saw the fantastic 12 Man Ride the Quadrille unit put on for San Martin School’s 100th Anniversary.  Or maybe you’ve followed a horse trailer that says, “Please don’t ride my tail.”  Where ever they go, they sure grab your attention.  But there is a lot more going on behind the scenes, with many activities for youths and adults of all riding styles and disciplines.  You don’t even need to have a horse!

San Martin Horsemen’s Association has been here to enlighten its members and the community about horse and rider safety, environmental issues, veterinary tips. It has also been there to support County and State Park & Recreation trail maintenance and actively support the 4-H and most equine activities in the area.

On the third Wednesday of every month, the Association has its General Meeting at a local restaurant at 7:00 PM.  There is always a program of interest to the horse minded.  They also have monthly pleasure rides at different locations like Dinosaur Point, Mt. Madonna, Henry Coe State Park and Salinas River Beach.  There are ice cream social pleasure rides, and the Halloween Poker ride where horse and rider can come in costume and win prizes for their imagination and ingenuity.  There are camping trips at Point Reyes and Jack Brooks.

The Association has sponsored CSHA sanctioned horse shows, CSHA sanctioned Trail Trials, Gymkhanas, a parade unit, a quadrille unit as well as team penning, roping and cutting clinics.  These are great schooling opportunities for kids and adults alike.  There is really something for everyone and their horse.

How To Become a Member

It’s easy to become a member of SMHA.  Just fill out a Membership form, sign  a Release of Liability and send in your money. Or do it all online here!!!

If you don’t have Adobe Arcobat to read pdf files follow this link: free Adobe Acrobat

Membership fees are:
$40  Family
$30  Single (adult individual)

Mail to:  San Martin Horsemen’s Association
PO Box 275
San Martin, CA 95046

**You must sign a Release of Liability before you can take part in any club activities!!**

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