Cattle Sorting Clinic?

What do you think Club Members – would you be interested in a cattle sorting clinic?
Tony Agradano would love to host a cattle sorting clinic for SHMA members but….. in order to do so, we need a head count of interested parties. Putting a cattle sorting event together isn’t easy and in order to make it worth the while we need to know you want it!
Participants of all ages and levels of experience are welcome. We figure we could accommodate 10-15 participants at an approximate price of $50 each. The event would be held in the next couple months, at a local arena yet to be determined.
Are you interested? If so, please submit a “show of interest form” promptly to: SMHA, P.O. Box 275, San Martin, CA 95046 or contact Bev VanderWeide @ (408) 778-0034

Cattle Sorting Form